Scrap Tires

RMA promotes environmentally and economically sound end-of-life management of scrap tires. RMA’s scrap tire management efforts are a reflection of the tire industry’s commitment to the concept of shared responsibility for its products when not suitable for use on vehicles. RMA provides technical and policy information regarding several areas of scrap tire management, and hosts national and regional scrap tire conferences for state and federal regulators.

RMA began its scrap tire program in 1990 under the auspices of the Scrap Tire Management Council. RMA works with all stakeholders, including states, U.S. EPA and the industry to develop markets, reduce scrap tire stockpiles and implement state regulations that that foster sustainable scrap tire markets. RMA does not represent nor have any vested interest in the processing of scrap tires or in any product derived from scrap tires. RMA supports all scrap tire markets that are environmentally sound and economically feasible.

  Scrap Tire Information    
Scrap Tire Markets 
RMA works with scrap tire end users, processors and regulators to expand all sound scrap tire markets. 

Scrap Tire Markets
Scrap Tire Resources and Research
RMA is a major source of facts, figures and information on scrap tire management and markets.

Scrap Tire Publications
State Scrap Tire Information
Contact information for state scrap tire regulators

List of State Scrap Tire Regulators
Progress Reports 
RMA publishes a biennial Scrap Tire Market Summary that analyzes the progress of scrap tire management, remediation and market development across the U.S. 

2015 Progress Report