2017 RMA FACTBOOK – Summary Version

The 2017 Summary Factbook covers activities during 2016 and was prepared by the Market Information Services department of the RMA, using actual and estimated 2016 tire shipment date supplied by manufacturers representing nearly 90% of the U.S. tire manufacturing industry. This publication contains information pertaining to various facets of the tire industry within the United States. Tire data is presented for various categories of products, including Passenger, Light Truck, and Truck and Bus tires. Much of this data is derived from an industry-reporting program operated by tire companies that are members of the RMA. The RMA tire reporting program represents the primary and sole source of information prepared by and for the U.S. tire industry. RMA has made every effort to assure the validity and accuracy of the data contained in this publication, however RMA assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracy or use thereof.